Pfarrhof 1619


The ALTER PFARRHOF 1619 is one of the four stepped-gable houses in Mauterndorf. Stepped gables indicate a Bavarian or Franconian influence.  The house is characterised by its powerful architecture and three main floors.??In 1683, the former brew house of the Praun family came into the possession of the children of Maria Regina Jocher, Baroness Kuen von Belasy by marriage. The Jochers were a wealthy mining family who already  owned Pfleghaus No. 1 in Mauterndorf, which they had turned into a beautiful patrician home.  In 1696, the house was sold for 490 guilders to Vinzenz Milpacher, diocesan court, tax and toll recorder in Mauterndorf.
In 1727, the Salzburg archdiocese procured the Praun house for 500 guilders as a new parsonage, after the former vicarage had been destroyed by fire in 1726.  The painted fresco on the stucco facade of the house dates from this time: a small altar with chalice and host beneath a baldachin and crown, with ears of grain and vines on either side.??Josef Steinlechner, automobile entrepreneur and haulier from Mauterndorf, purchased the parsonage from the Archdiocese in 1968, restoring it with loving dedication. Since that time the ALTER PFARRHOF 1619 has served as a beautiful, stylish apartment building with a ground-floor restaurant.
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